A Response To The Anti-Critical Race Theory Movement



Kansas City CALL Newspaper Inc



In the wake of the Anti-CRT movement’s efforts to erase the teaching of Black History in schools, Black Holiday Trivia has been launched to provide a fun and exciting intergenerational game that celebrates all things Black culture for the holidays! During the pandemic of 2020, school children were sent home to online learning. Frustrated parents seeking to reopen schools and return to “normal” were diligently paying attention and tuning into Zoom school board meetings. This audience of parents with focused attention on the decisions and internal workings of the school board created the perfect launch pad to the Anti-Critical Theory movement. As parents engaged with Zoom school board meetings, white conservative think tanks saw an opportunity to heightened disgruntled parents’ fears by highlighting nearly anything taught in school that would discuss racial and social inequality. Now, instead of answering the question of how to safely return our children to schools during a pandemic, the question became “why do my children need to hear about racial and social inequality?” Conservatives in state legislatures across the country have proposed (and, in some cases, passed) legislation banning or restricting critical-racetheory instruction or seminars. The Wisconsin Assembly bill specifically bans any books, educational materials or classroom discussions that include terms such as “racial prejudice”, “patriarchy”, “structural inequality” and several more. With this rule in place, teachers responsible for teaching history would be afraid to teach the Civil Rights Movement, women’s suffrage or any number of US events that would run afoul of this ruling. With Anti-CRT legislation sweeping the country, now more than ever, it is imperative that busy Black families are intentionally passing cultural heritage to their children. The holidays provide opportunities for us to play games and spend time with the extended family. Black Holiday Trivia is a game that teaches Black culture to children and adults. Created to be fun, positive, intergenerational and educational, Black Holiday Trivia is the solution to all holiday gatherings. A trivia card game that celebrates and educates participants on the holiday contributions of African Americans, the game tests your knowledge of classic holiday movies and music. It is the perfect response to the AntiCritical Race Theory movement. Nichole Kuykendall created Black Holiday Trivia in 2016 from a need. A need for fun. A self proclaimed “holiday hostess” she was looking for inclusive holiday entertainment that would bring guests from several different walks of life together around a common game. After finding no such game in existence, she decided to create her own. Holding a deep appreciation for African American contributions, she focused the game on the unique niche of Black culture during the holiday season. As she created the game, she was surprised to learn that while the culture was being celebrated during the holidays, much knowledge of the contributors of that culture was being lost. While songs such as “This Christmas” are staples in the Black community, Nichole found that many of her guests had no clue who the original singer of the song was. Taking this information and focusing on not only educating but also celebrating the contributions made by these African American artists and actors, she then created Black Holiday Trivia. Intentionally created to be intergenerational, Black Holiday Trivia answers the question of “Can we all play?” and provides a conduit for family and friends of all ages to connect during the holiday season. We look forward to sharing Black Holiday Trivia with you and hope it brings you not only fun, but endless memories this holiday. You can purchase Black Holiday Trivia on our website at https://blackholidaytrivia.com/ and connect with us at @ BlackHolidayTrivia on Instagram and Facebook.