Winners Should Resign Other Seats Effective Immediately



Kansas City CALL Newspaper Inc


When voters elect people to hold elected office we vote for them to cover every aspect of the office, which includes voting on critical relevant issues and protect our interests on every level that may come up be it policy or financial matters or even staffing. We want to know that our elected officials have our backs. There are several people who won various seats on Tuesday, Aug. 2, primary election that have volunteer elected seats on various school boards.. Several of them hold school boards seats that may have contracts or receive some sort of funding from the municipality that they were elected to represent. As such, there will be situations arise that they will need to vote, but because of what may be a conflict of interest on "their' (County, City or State) part they may be forced to recuse themselves from the vote or abstain due to that conflict. It is like not having representation for a particular vote. Although polices are very fuzzy in that area, I would encourage polices in various governments be looked at openly when it comes to elected officials holding two seats where one party could come before another party for review or a vote. Even if the party recuses them self in public view, how do I know what they may be talking to their colleagues about behind the scenes? They should always look to shun the appearance of conflict. However, at the same time, they must fulfill the obligations and my expectations as a voter that come with the office that I help elect them to. We all know that Black elected officials are not held to the same standard as White elected officials. Your other “volunteer job” should not affect your ability to perform the job the larger community elected you to fullfill.