J. Love: Songbird Of The Midwest And Beyond



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Prolific songstress and composer J. Love’s daily persona and stage presentation are one and the same, no longer a work in divergent lanes — but a work of seamless musical art! Not only is she one of the finest performers of any genre to emerge from the Midwest in recent memory, hailing from Kennett, Missouri, she’s also one of the few seasoned recording professionals to venture into the subliminal strata of most musical idioms, a perpetual student of melodic prose. Inspired by the impassioned selections of artists like Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin, to the ancestral voices of The Clarke Sisters and The Mighty Clouds of Joy, J. Love appeals to the deepest part of soul with her art. Her new single, “Choosey,” a subtle cure for lovesickness, poignantly underscores the aforementioned along with other tunes, including “Sistahs’,” “Mary Go round,” “Some of Us Ain’t Speaking,” and “Don’t Sleep Pearline.” What is her secret? She’s managed to tap into her audience’s feelings and incite an emotive reaction by her songs. No question, there’s something for everyone in this 11-track debut album. J.Love has released two even newer singles since her album debuted, titled “Black Lives Matter” and “Know Better Do Better” on Youtube. “Know Better Do Better” is an ode to the girls. J. Love swears by an unspoken sisterhood, utilizing every opportunity to speak to women through her music. Her single “Black Lives Matter” is a song of revolutionary affirmations, generated out of a period of heightened racial tensions, J. Love took it upon her artistry to assert further that Black people are worthy of life far beyond the struggles of survival. Over the past years, J. Love has performed tirelessly before gatherings of music aficionados with the J. Love Band, a group of proficient musicians that have no limits. The quintet can tackle any song in any genre at any time — anywhere. That means R&B, funk, jazz, and more are what you’re in store for at one of her concerts. For the 2022-23 concert and festival seasons, you’ll get a glimpse of this as J. Love adds more live concerts, radio, and television appearances in preparation for new releases. J. Love’s music is available at CD baby, live shows, special events, and other digital outlets.