Monday Niters Discuss Chiefs’ Roster, Get Updates On Bucket Lists



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We, Monday Niters are currently debating just who is likely to make the Kansas City Chiefs’ 53man roster for the 2022 season. And we came up with some lucky guys, who we believe they will be become instant millionaires, pretty soon. But before sharing our views about these moneymakers, we want to say a few things, that were mentioned during the weekly zoom meeting. Someone blurted out that they saw Rhonda Herring on tv. She’s the late Cliff Herring’s daughter. Her son’s case is still among the many, unsolved murder cases, in Kansas City. Of course, More important, she once operated a small chitterling-cleaning business. A very enterprising young lady, like her late father. And we also talked about a motorcyclist named “Dirty Bird”. Someone said he was a decorated military guy. Was he? We just promised to find out more about him and connect him with one of his long-time friends. And of course, we saluted the late Bill Russell, not only for his basketball prowess… but more for being a “force” in the civil rights fight of the 60s and 70s. Further, we even acknowledged that Tuesday was Election Day and each urged each to vote. Lots of conversations, as you can see. However, the above-mentioned subjects were just “thrown out there”. However, there were two subjects, that warranted a lot more discussion. The first subject was carried forth from last week, about our “bucket lists” and the second was predicting what new Chiefs’ players would “likely” to become instantly wealthy, by earning a spot on the Chiefs’ 2022 team. First, here’s an update on the guys’ “bucket lists”. You will remember that last week at Bob’s, we went around the table and asked each Monday Niter and some friends….what is left in their lives that they haven’t done yet…but still would like to do, one day. Dr. John Martin said that he wanted to self-drive a Tesla to a faraway city. This week, during an update, he said it might take him a year or so, to pull this “stunt” off but he’s still gonna do the “self-drive” thing. Then, Carl Clark added that he had some family issues and may have to delay his bucket-list trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Of course, we already knew that Carl has already visited 18 countries and it blew us away, that his “bucket list” included another travelling spot, here in the continental United States. For the record, most of us Monday Niters are either octogenarians, or on the doorstep….about to stumble in. So when Ed West chimed in, and reported that he had already achieved his “bucket-list” event, Last month, he just up and went to see the redwood trees, in Northern California. However, now he wants to actually see his son’s music studio in Atlanta, for the first time. His son, Damon and his company did the music scores, for the 2006 movie, “Dream Girls”. That movie featured A-list entertainers like Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and Jamie Fox. Damon is a graduate of the now-closed Westport High School. By this time, I’m was getting anxious to start talking about the Chiefs’ 2022 projected roster and hear who our guys think will become the next NFL-made millionaire. But the guys were really “hooked into” this bucket-list thing. So we continued that discussion., by hearing even more updates. Admittedly, it was interesting to confirm that 80-year-old men, still have dreams, too. Moving on. As you might remember, Harry Sypert, a devout Raiders’ fan, wanted to “just sit” in the new, posh Las Vegas Football Stadium, built especially for the Raiders. I thought to myself, when are they gonna wrap up this “bucket list” discussion. Then just like that, it was my turn to update, I simply stated that I still planned to write a book about our community’s direct involvement in the criminal justice reform. And immediately after my rather weakly report, it became Dr. Allen’s turn to update us on his plans to produce a community education program about Alzheimer’s and its effects on black, Kansas City families. At this point, I’ve switched my focus to what Dr. Allen was about to share with us. Dr. Allen, a long-time dentist here in Kansas City, proudly reported that he had contacted the Alzheimer’s Association and received a commitment to collaborate from Juaquan Herron, an associate of the Association. We could tell that Dr. Allen, although a trained Dentist, was real serious about this Alzheimer’s thing. Meanwhile my focus went straight to the Black Health Care Coalition and all their previous work they’ve done, over the years. I thought to myself that they’d make a great partner, too. With his usual reverent thoughtfulness, his update was nudging us all to “get busy” with our own “bucketlist” goals. Funny how this “bucket list” discussion consumed the better part of the hour and it was now time to move on…to talk about which wide receivers would probably make the 2022, Chiefs’ 53-man roster? Now that’s what we had assembled for. Ain’t it funny how this bucket-list thing is grabbing our attention? But, we had to move on and talk about our Chiefs 2022 roster, especially since every team in the NFL will be out to “beat the Chiefs”, this year. So we gently tip-toed on into talking about the Chiefs’ 2022 roster. And this switch in topics sort of woke Harry Sypert up. He quickly inserted that this “big white dude” from Kentucky, would surely make the Chiefs’, 2022 roster. What’s his name, Harry? Harry went on to say that this “un-named” guy was big and quick and because he was a high draft choice of the Chiefs, this nameless guy would definitely make the 2022 team. I kept waiting for a name. Who is it, Harry? Since no name was mentioned, we started talking about all these new Wide Receivers. Lord knows there are so many of them and they all got fancy or funny names. Then, the ever-alert Ed West jumped in and called out the name, JuJu Smith-Shuster, indicating that JuJu is a sure-shot, to make the 2022 team.. I thought JuJu. Where did that name come from? And then somebody called out another hard-to-pronounce receivers’ name…something like a sling shot or something. These names are killing us old guys. How can we be good fans and we can’t even pronounce the new players’ names? Hmmmmm. Are we getting forgetful in our old age? Is this why we are so anxious to get these bucket-list goals underway? Dr. Allen is trying to do with his “bucket list”. Why do we forget these players’ names so easily, these days? Are we about to forget Jamie Fox’s and, Jennifer Hudson’s names, too? Lord, help us. Anyway, we know we didn’t do well, with the names of this year’s Chiefs’ players. And maybe we ought to put that on our “bucket list”….to remember the players’ names, especially those who have shown up well in training camp. And really, the first pre-season game is coming up in the next week or so. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll remember those receivers’ names, by then. Lord, help us!