Monday Niters Predict A Bit Win For Chiefs, Start Process To ‘Understand’ Alzheimer’s



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Until the President of the Black Healthcare Coalition got on our Zoom call this past Monday, the comments were just all-over-the-place. Scattered comments, everywhere. Ed West was wondering why Harry Sypert wasn’t on the zoom call? Then Carl Clark remarked something about the Queen of England. Then, Dr. Charles Allen chimed in and announced that the Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles were playing on tv. Adding to that, Dr. John Martin flat-out predicted an Eagle victory for the Monday night game. Continuing, Ed West took the spotlight back and inserted that several former Chiefs’ let-gos, were now starting for other teams. I guess he was trying to get the trading away of Tyreek Hill discussion going. Everybody knew that Tyreek had a darn good game last Sunday and left everyone wondering…why did the Chiefs get rid of Tyreek Hill. I was about to say something about the justout movie, The Woman King. And BAM, the infamous Harry Sypert joined the weekly zoom call. And just when he was about to start some stuff, Ed West announced that Councilwoman Melissa Robinson was now connected and would now say a few words…to us Monday Niters. Boy, did she save the day! Of course, Melissa Robinson didn’t need a formal introduction. Everybody knows that Melissa is still President and CEO of the Black Health Care Coalition and is the Councilwoman for Kansas City’s Third District. But Monday night, she was our guest, mainly to explore how the Monday Niters and the Black Health Care Coalition, could work together on Dr. Allen’s bucket-list goal…to help our black community to address the ravages, caused by Alzheimer’s. Starting with a brief history the 35-year organization, Melissa jumped right in by sharing some assertions about Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Now that got everyone’s attention, because as octogenarians, we certainly could identify with that.. That’s probably why Dr. Allen chose this educational effort, for his “bucket-list goal”…. because there is so much to learn about Alzheimer’s. She went on to share how the brain can be affected and suggested that good Nutrition may be part of the solution to addressing Alzheimer’s. She simply stated that….”what’s good for the heart is also good for the brain”. Clearly, the Black Health Care Coalition is a storehouse of existing knowledge about Alzheimer’s and other black-related health issues. Hearing all that, Dr. Allen bout jumped out of his chair, when Melissa said she wanted to “partner” with the Monday Niters to jointly address Alzheimer’s, in our community. Little did she know that right along with the Chiefs’, Alzheimer’s is now our number one topic for discussion. In the words of Alicia Keys, Dr. Allen was “on fire”. Actually, the above remarks explain why Melissa got an invitation to be on our weekly zoom call. And Ed West appropriately finalized the discussion by saying that he had looked up some stuff about Alzheimer’s, just by “googling” the disease. And with that, everyone seemed to agree that we fully “recognize” the value and guidance, provided by the Black Health Care Coalition. And, Melissa’s visit signaled that we were moving right along, with Dr. Allen’s bucketlist goal. So as Melissa exited the zoom meeting, we returned to the discussion about the Kansas City Chiefs. But, Carl Clark interrupted the Chiefs’ discussion and asked why we were avoiding discussing “the white guy”, who had curiously joined up with us, up at Bob’s. Three Tuesdays now. This un-named guy has comfortably joined our discussion table. Wtf was Carl bringing up? Not wanting to “go there”, we chickened out and went on to discuss Sunday’s noon game…. pitting the 2-0 Chiefs against the winless Indianapolis Colts. Holding on to Carl’s thoughts, I was still wondering why these outspoken, opinionated octogenarians ain’t addressing the elephant in the zoom. Hmmmmm. That being un-said, we quickly re-grouped and took up the likely Chiefs’ upcoming victory, up at Indianapolis. Here’s where Harry Sypert regained the floor and attention. What would that Harry say now? Remember, he’s the one that predicted that the Chiefs would be 2-4, when his beloved Las Vegas “TRaiders” come to town, on October 8. So, we started our predictions and shared our comments about Sunday’s game. Even inviting the ever-puzzling words, to be uttered by Harry Sypert: • DR. CHARLES ALLEN….feeling great after hearing that the Black Health Care Coalition would partner with us on this Alzheimer’s effort, simply said “the Chiefs will prevail” no matter what. Thus, with matchless clarity, he predicted the final score to be 24-10…..CHIEFS BY 14. • CARL CLARK… was also predicting that the Colts would get beat badly by our high-riding Chiefs…thus a score of 30-7 would please him…..CHIEFS BY 23.. (But ol’ Carl didn’t say much more about the subject he brought up… about our pop-up visitor up at Bob’s) • DR. JOHN MARTIN…overall, John was rather quiet on entire the zoom call. However, he did utter something about his bucket-list goal, relating to driver-less cars…BUT he wasn’t quiet at all, about his prediction for Sunday. Emphatically, he said the final score would be 33-23….. CHIEFS BY 10 • COACH JERRY PRICE…because Jerry Price was a star college quarterback and a longtime, head coach in Kansas City, he usually is clear about his football thoughts. So he reiterated his previous position, saying that the 2022 Chiefs “are for real, fr” this season and Sunday will be no different. He clearly stated that the Chiefs will win by a score of 32-8…CHIEFS BY 24 • HARRY SYPERT……who started all this stuff, didn’t back down, at all and simply feels a Chiefs’ upset just might show its ugly head Sunday and predicted that the Colts would sneak in an unexpected victory over the a score of 30-27…..COLTS BY 3 • ED WEST….usually seeks to stay informed, on anything he says . So, I believed him when this thoughtful, Monday Niter said the final score will be 36-6….CHIEFS BY 30 • ME, JIM NUNNELLY….by this time in the meeting, I was excited about the possible partnership with the Black Health Care Coalition. And immediately started thinking of how we could and should include other organizations. But, I couldn’t stop wondering what was going on with Harry Sypert. Maybe we’ll have to talk about that, too…up at Bob’s. So, trusting by fellow Monday Niters, I’ll just say the final score will be 35-20…..CHIEFS BY 15…. • ERIC L. WESSON SR . . . Note to Monday Niters please do some sort of test on Harry for substance abuse if he thinks the Colts can beat the Chiefs he has to be on something . . . CHIEFS BY 24