Slight Increase In Subscription Rates



Kansas City CALL Newspaper Inc

Front Page

Since the last time THE CALL raised our rates on subscriptions in 2019, the United States Postal Service has raised bulk mailing rates twice. Unfortunately, the time has come where we must raise our subscription rates by $1 PER YEAR effective in October for both local and out of state. This allows us to at least break even on the papers that we mail out to our readers and for those that we have to re-mail because the originals mail-out was not received. We did not raised our newsstand prices at this time. It has always been our desire to make the subscription rates affordable to our customers who live on fixed incomes. By comparison to other newspaper outlets and their subscription rates ours remains one of the lowest. In addition, we were able to simplify our mailings to inside of Kansas City and outside of Kansas City because the process was very confusing. We remain appreciative of our reader’s continued support.