Charges Against Tiffany Haddish And Aries Spears Are Dismissed In The Allegations Of Sexual molestation



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On Tuesday Sept. 20, Jane Doe, who filed a lawsuit against the two comedians, Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears, withdrew her complaint with prejudice, meaning it can’t be refiled again, according to TMZ. The woman, Jane Doe, previously accused the two groomed and molested two children several years ago, including videotaping one incident which made its way onto social media. According to reports, Haddish has reached a private settlement deal with the pair of siblings who accused her and comedian Aries Spears of grooming and molestation earlier this month. According to the report published by RadarOnline, it appears Haddish has “worked out” a private deal with the accusers. Details of the settlement are still unclear, but the publication noted that part of the agreement could involve Haddish publically apologizing for “her role in the skits.” They also want her to “recant” some of the allegations she made in the suit. It’s still unclear as to how Haddish’s private decision will impact Spears. The woman issued a statement centering around Haddish and her involvement, writing, “My family and I have known Tiffany Haddish for many years – and we now know that she would never harm me or my brother or help anyone else do anything that could harm us. We wish Tiffany the best and are glad that we can all put this behind us.” While she didn’t have anything to say about Spears, the former MadTV comedian has had other issues recently, getting dragged on social media for his criticism of Lizzo. In one of the filmed sketches, Jane Doe was alleged to have been made by Haddish to perform oral sex on a sandwich and claimed her brother was used for a sketch with Spears centered around a pedophile’s fantasy. Although Haddish and Spears initially called the lawsuit a “shakedown” of them, Haddish later issued a statement saying she regretted being part of the sketches. On September 5, Haddish posted a statement on her Instagram account: “I know people have a bunch of questions. I get it. I’m right there with you. Unfortunately, because there is an ongoing legal case, there’s very little that I can say right now. But, clearly, while this sketch was intended to be comedic, it wasn’t funny at all – and I deeply regret having agreed to act in it. I really look forward to being able to share a lot more about this situation as soon as I can.”