Should Amaree’ya Henderson Have Been Killed By A K.C.K Police Officer? Family Members Say, ‘No’

By Eric L. Wesson Sr. Managing Editor THE CALL

Community members are concerned over the recent shooting death, by a KCK Police officer, of 25-year-old Amaree’ya Henderson during a traffic stop over expired tags. His girlfriend Ms. Shakira Hill was in the passenger seat, according to reports.

Police have been relatively silent, releasing little information about the incident.

Henderson’s mother, Ms. Pauletta Johnson, was on her way to where they were pulled over and was listening through a FaceTime call, when she heard the gunshots.

He asked his mother to come because he was afraid for his life due to a previous encounter he had with KCK Police a family member said.

According to reports, Ms. Hill said, after they delivered a Door Dash order in the Argentine area of KCK they were headed to visit a relative when they were pulled over around 8:30 p.m. The officer approached the car and asked Henderson for his license and registration and that he gave the officer the items.

While waiting for the officer to look up his information, Henderson asked Ms. Hill to call his mother on FaceTime. Ms. Hill told The Star that “something felt off” about the encounter, and that Henderson was “visibly frightened”.

Two more police cars pulled up to the scene, Hill said, and Johnson stayed on FaceTime as she headed to the couple’s location.

Ms. Hill said the officer told Henderson to get out of the car and that Henderson told him he wanted to wait until his mother arrived.

Ms. Johnson, who was still watching on FaceTime, said she saw the officer half-crawl through her son’s car window and begin “grabbing, pulling, punching him.

Hill said Henderson began to back up his car, saying that he wanted to get to a more public location.

The KCPD has not provided details beyond that regarding the reason for the stop. However, sources close to the matter tell THE CALL, the reason for the stop was based upon an expired tag. That, however has not been confirmed by investigators.

Ms. Hill said that she and Henderson asked the officer multiple times why they had been pulled over, but that the officer did not provide them with a reason.

Community activists contend that the entire incident has already been scripted out.

“When Amaree’ya started backing up to get into a safer place with the officer hanging outside and inside of the car, he is going to say that he was in fear of his life and had to shoot and kill Amaree’ya,” the activist said.

However, Police cannot put themselves in harm’s way and then use that to justify their use of deadly force.

“The real question is going to be why did the officer stop them in the first place? The lone witness who is Blessed to be alive along with the mother confirm that they asked the officer repeatedly, ‘why they were being stopped?’ According to them both he never answered.”

The family and friends want the public to know that Henderson had no gun and no criminal record and was a good person who was killed for no good reason.

No dash cam or body cam video has been released.

Once the investigation is complete the findings will be turned over to the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office. The district attorney will decide whether the use of force was warranted under the law.

The investigation is being conducted by the Kansas City, Mo. Police department, which has raised many eyebrows among Kansas City, Mo., activists.

They have in this case and other questioned the competence and reliability of KCPD in investigating this case since there have been questions about how they conduct their own in house matters.

In recent months a whistleblower stated that KCPD withheld evidence and denied public records requests. The Board of Police commissioners stated that the former KCPD attorney was “inaccurate”.

One KCPD officer recently reported that Police were told to go out and target Black motorists for tickets.

“We suppose to believe what they do or say,” one CALL reader said.

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