DEACON STANLEY CRAIG CHILDS Sunrise: December 24, 1958 Sunset: May 11, 2022 STANLEY CRAIG CHILDS Sunrise: December 24, 1958 Sunset: May 11, 2022 STANLEY CRAIG CHILDS Sunrise: December 24, 1958 Sunset: May 11, 2022

The Bradford Family would like to send warm acknowledgements and thanks to everyone that reached out, called, visited, and attended the services for our beloved Patricia Ann Bradford on Friday, April 10, 2023.

In our time of need, family and friends showed up and out and we’ll never forget any of you for that. We’d like to extend special thanks to Reverend Desmond C. Lamb of Forest Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS for an awesome job conducting the eulogy for Patricia.

Angela Anderson for providing the knowledge, guidance, and input on the preparation of service and finding a great soloist for the occasion. Okturia (Wynde)

Ross for the support of holding the family together with daily errand runs, answering calls and text messages on the families’ behalf, and daily prayers, as well as completing makeup for Patricia.

Pamela Edwards for an awesome job on doing Patricia’s hair and being a shoulder to lean on in hard times.

Tirria Conway-Union for volunteering/offering to execute the handling of the repass menu. Everything was great and the wonderful cooks that prepared all the delicious food.

Reverend Jo Ann Locke of Community Baptist Church for reading scriptures from both the old and new testaments, and Pastor Tony Carter of Salem Baptist Church for an uplifting prayer during service.

Last but certainly not least, all of the family and friends for the calls, texts, messages, food, and comfort for our family during this time.

Our Sincerest,

The Bradford Family

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD”

Psalm 122:1

A loving father, tender and kind, what a beautiful Memory you left behind.

We love and miss you more each day.

Papa we miss you and love you. Your smile and laughter will be remembered forever.

In loving memory of the best Papa.

Dear Lord, I am 88 and there’s much I haven’t done. I hope dear Lord, you’ll let me live until I’m 89. But if I haven’t finished all I want to do, would you please let me stay awhile, until I’m 90? So many places I want to go, so much I want to see-do you think you could manage to make it 91? Many things I may have done, but there’s so much left in store. I’d like it very much to live until I’m 92. And if by then, I’m still alive, I’d like to stay to 93. The world is changing very fast, so I’d like to stick around and see what happens to the world when I’m 94. I know dear Lord, it’s a lot to ask, and it will be nice in heaven. But

I’d really like to stay around until I’m 95. I know by then I won’t be fast and sometimes I’ll be late. But it would be oh so pleasant to be around at 96. I will have seen so many things and had a wonderful time. So I’m sure that I’ll be willing to leave at 97.

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